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This is really quite cool.

I just got some new juggling balls, and a new acrylic.

At Xmas, I'd been playing with someone's silicone juggling balls, and
while I was in London talking to dad about it, I'd whined that they were
too expensive for sensible people to be able to afford.

Dad, not having thought of anything to give me for Christmas at that
point, gave me enough cash to get some.

So I now have 6 green silicones [Mmmmmmmm], and a green Acrylic
[Mmmmmmmmmmm. It's purty].

It's really weird. When they come in the box, they're all shiny; I never
realised there's actually a break-in period before they turn the normal

Of course, until you've used them, most people simply wouldn't understand
what's so great about the better part of two hundred quid's worth of
juggling balls. [Ow. Ouch. Owie. Ow. Ow. Ow.]

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