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OK. Since I've had one or two responses about yesterday's comment:

Firstly, my machine did not get 0wned; Nor did any forums that I run.

Basically, I had an argument online with someone, semi-publically.
[Dagnammit. It was a 5-letter correction sent in a patch to a mailing

He then wrote an article with what I took to be a backhanded attack on
me in it [relating to our argument]...

I posted a reply on the forum, and it was changed to be completely
contrary to what I'd written, while keeping it in my style of
writing. Which just really pissed me off, since it could genuinely have
been mistaken for me saying something I very much didn't.

In all fairness, the forum is anonymous/unauthenticated in the first
place, and people have written stuff as me on more than one occasion.

Someone else pretending to be me doesn't annoy me, so long as they're
either clearly not serious, or at least not writing something that I
care about or have an opinion on.

I've also sent an apology to the guy for me making an ass of myself,
although I still stand by my points.


On the acceptable use of technology.

It's not, in my humble and considered opinion, acceptable to
electronically permanantly change statements made by someone, because
you disagree with what they've said.

Doubly so when it is changed to something that still seems to be from the
original author, and is completely contrary to what was written before.

Hell; I don't change my OWN statements from the past, even though some
of them are flagrantly wrong/shortsighted/whatever.

The idea of someone else changing them for me just seems a little...


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