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New & Interesting ways to rape customers, #145:
  Fun with power supplies

This one comes from CompUSA; sell 600W power supplies with what is
clearly not enough hard drive plugs, hence forcing customers to buy at
least two splitters.


In the spirit of my continuing obsession with stupidly hard
Rubiks-cube-alike puzzles, I've bought one of each of:

The professor's cube and the master cube aren't really a problem. I can
solve both of those already, I "just want one".

The bandage cube and the ultimate skewb. They're a little harder. The
Square-1 hasn't arrived yet.

I also still have my one of these:
which Cordy bought me a while ago [Yay!]. It, too, is non-trivial but
I can now solve it without too much hassle.

Damn, these puppies are hard. Mmmmmm. By the way: Peter's black hole;
bonus points come from being able to do the third solution [not mentioned
anyplace on the website] where instead of having all silver stars,
or all black hole, you have each face as all stars of the same color
[there's a bunch of colors there other than silver & black]

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