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Has a version of patience in it called "Tabby Cat" I used to know it as
"Idiot's Delight". It is a stupid game. And I spent several hours playing
it last night. "I gotta beat it JUST BLOODY ONCE before I go to bed..."

Actually, this one is a little easier than the version I used to know [the
one I used to have didn't have a free cell in it], but it's essentially
the same. Stupid.
This thing's pretty cool. Ignore the text on the website - imagine "15"
[the gnome tool bar applet/that sliding puzzle you had when you were a
kid/etc], but in 3d. Where all the tiles have faces that look the
same. Kinda. Luckily, every piece is sufficiently unique to make it
clear what goes where.

And after a bit of prompting, I now have USB Palm things working, so I
can use it without permantly wearing down the batteries. W00t.


So, you find a Palm Vx in the back of a taxi with no marks of ownership
and nothing in the memory. What're you gonna do?

In other news, lots of exciting things going on. I stole a light from
the office, so I have light in my bedroom.

Greg [treke] kindly donated a dumb terminal, so with that and the Palm,
I can now actually get information out of my computer.

Lots of stuff going on in the office.
People who code C++ and inherit stuff with copy'n'paste scare me.

Heya, Sara, Cordy.

While we were in SF, we walked into a bar.
"Newcy Brown" say I.
"Hnuh?" the bartender responds
"Newcy Brown"
"Oh. Newcastle?"
"We only have 22 Oz bottles"
"It'll have to do."
"Until I came here, I'd never drunk it out of anything /except/ this
 size of bottle.
 Stupid Americans"

Clarifier: 22 Oz appears to equal one normal pint.


"Contains MTBE
The state of California has determined that the use of this chemical
presents a significant risk to the environment"

Written on a petrol pump in a shell station.

Last night I discovered that my bedroom has no lights in it at
all. That was at the same time as I decided to start putting my new bed
togther. Yes, I finally have a bed, desk, and fridge.

Nothing to sit on, mind, but it's a start.


In a slightly less mature, but much more seriously considered manner:

There are more freaks and weirdos in San Fransisco than there are in
the whole of England, Ireland, and Wales.

Notice I left out Scotland; a 2-foot high wall was sufficient to keep
them out of England for several hundred years...


OK. So in an attempt to not be childish, I went and spent a happy hour
or so chatting so some guys at the MS booth, seeing what they're offering;

In the meantime, there are some other guys here with some seriously tidy
embedded devices. On the order of half a watt power requirements at full
speed, or they'll sleep for 3 weeks on a single AA battery. I want.

And a quick bit of pimping; before I came to this convention, I'd never
seen CodeHost's current big product, BrightQ; and /I'm/ impressed. It
genuinely does what it says on the box.

FlightGear have a booth, but they're not burning CDs of the scenery
dataset *sniff*.

And I'll have one of everything in the Sun booth.

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