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As hendersa just pointed out, "only 10 more days until the british

In the meantime, my computer is 62x43x20 cm, and weighs 21 kgs [46 lb
for people who like it that way]

To ship it with BA World Cargo [who, by the way, have so bad a website
I couldn't find out how to ship it or how much it would cost], it costs
5.83 GBP per kilo. I have to bring it to the airport a day or so before
I fly, and pick it up when I get there. 122.43 GBP, total.

To ship it with UPS costs 104.83 GBP, and they come & get it, then
deliver it about 4 days after.

And we all know about FedEx, so I haven't even bothered looking into it.


Today on "In the Kitchen With Chunky", two recipes. The first from SRE,
the second from mum:

1) "Audible slapping as the arteries slam shut"
Serves about 4 or 5. Or one MikeyP

Preheat oven to 180C
Chop and fry six rashers of bacon.
Take six raw burgers, place in baps.
Chop into quarters.
Put in a pie dish.
Add bacon pieces.
Cover in about 1.5cm of grated cheese.
Mix 8 eggs with 1/2 pint of milk, and whisk till combined.
Pour egg mix over burgers and cheese.
Place in middle of oven for about 25-30 minutes.

2) [Somewhat nicer, easier, and better for you] Random thing
Prepare about 1 and a half per person. Two if they're hungry.

Cook some asparagus shoots.
Take one soft taco, put some cooked asparagus shoots on it.
Cover liberally in Pont l'Eveque cheese.
Put another taco on top.
Fry in butter until it's done, turning once.
Serve with salsa [I like the hot stuff].

Note: If you can't find Pont l'Eveque, brie is ok, but don't fry for
very long at all. Only strong/interesting flavored cheeses are worth
the effort, here; otherwise this recipe is singularly dull.
Corn tacos are an order of magnitude nicer than flour ones

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