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Hmmm. Well, the schedulers don't work as planned, we're getting there,
but it's taking some time.

I've started keeping a log of issues, which I really should have done
Random things

Coffee is still my bestest friend.

Just bought a PCI graphics card only to discover it's AGP. F**K. Now I
need to find someone who
1) Has a PCI TNT2 and an AGP MoBo
2) Wants a free upgrade
3) Is near to me right now so I can have this puppy working in the next
  couple days.

ChunkyLand has been modified so that the green terminal is now on top of
the orange one, as all it's currently used for is the entry in syslog.conf
that says:
kern.* /dev/console

Damn useful. In the meantime, I've basically been using my main machine
for IRC and web browsing, and doing all my work on the orange terminal, as
it's actually a damn nice toy to use. If you need to know what ChunkyLand
is, have a shufty at my homepage.

I need to find myself a job. I'm bored of job-hunting, and would like
to just go on with getting degree-type things done. I have an interview
with ARM on Wednesday, that Sara's driving me to [she's lovely, she
is]. A couple other random punters have contacted me, too, and I'm
specifically hoping the one in LA pans out. But let's see how things
turn out, shall we?

I see Dan's put a pie menu on his webpage. On general principle, I'm
going to have to re-write mine just so's I can feel superior again. [And
because he was nasty to me on one of Loki's newsgroups when I tried to
start a troll-fest]


Depressing .plan update. Ignore if you're not interested in reading
depressing things in my day.

Just watched Amelie. It's a french film with english subtitles. It's
about a french lass, called, strangely enough, Amelie. One day, her life
changes radically. This film is actually _really_ _really_ good. It's
funny lots, often, and is generally really enjoyable.

Once again, I've been to the movies and cried over random couply
couples. I'm not currently part of any couple, and that really sucks. I'm
not planning on reducing myself to Prometheus' level, but I really hate
being single.

Hmmm. Here's how life seems to be for me: find a really nice girl,
with whom I get on really well, and decide I really like. Time spent in
relationship with her is indirectly proportional to how nice they are. I
can think of someone I went out with recently for just a few weeks,
and she really made a difference.

OTOH, if I can find someone who's a generally nasty lass who'll treat
me like shit, it'll last at least a couple of years.

No, scarily enough, I'm not bitter at all. Just sad that she's bitter
at me.

Hmmm. Haven't slept since I got up on Friday morning, except a couple
hours in one stint, and various "power outages" during some of my
lectures. You know what I mean if you've been there.

I think I shall go home and sleep.


This .plan update dedicated to Sara, who cooked me a really nice dinner
last night. She won't understand a word of this as she's a non-tech,
but hey; it's better than never getting a mention at all, right?

Well. I've now done really rather a lot of work in the last few days,
at the expense of sleep, food. But not, it would seem, without the truly
premature emptiness of multiple jars of coffee. Ho, hum.

My project
That's what I've been working on. I've basically written the hooks
into the normal RTLinux scheduler, and implemented one policy that is
defined in my project [a deferred server], and one policy that's not
[a never server]. And it's actually pretty good fun.

You know, in a geeky sorta way.


Bugger it.

Sara's now got my PlayStation, and it's staying there until I do some
bloody work. Grrr.


Built a mySQL database on my machine at home this morning, Builds really
cleanly now. Nice.

Sara whupped me at BomberMan. Bugger.

Hmmmmm. Am being offered muchos cash to write a Quake2 mod. Hmmmmm.

If you're currently running FAKK2 on Linux and are seeing
total blowouts early in the game, have a shufty at my
unofficial patch

Major kudos to Taylor Richards if it's actually working


The PlayStationCam
That is all


Hmmm. Well, the exam's over. Lemme see. The exam started at 9; here's
the first entry in my timeline for today:
9.35am: Phone call from department wakes me from my sleep.

Ho, hum. What can you do, right?

Anyways. I think I failed it. Not by much, but a bit. Apparently, I may
or may not get penalised.

Got two e-mails from companys I've applied to for jobs recently. ARM
want to see me for a second interview [which is very very cool indeed],
and CodeMasters wondered if I'd consider testing for them, and if not,
could I please verify I'm l33t with C and C++...

Note for people on I've updated one to mutt that doesn't
have the recently-found remotely-exploitable security hole.


Why I hate my ISP
I'm just really annoyed at BT, now, and I'm hoping this puts them into
perspective for anyone who is considering purchasing their service.


And I'm still not getting any work done. I re-built UnrealTournament to
include a splash screen again instead of doing any reading, today.

You have no idea how mind-bogglingly boring this course is. You may
think you do, but you don't.
The whole course in a nutshell


Just for reference, I've given the playstation away until after the
exam. In the the hopes that in the 48 hrs I've got left before it,
I'll do some reading for it. I'm going to bed.


Note to self: you have an exam on Wednesday, for which you must have read
on the order of 40M of text. Of which you've currently done, literally,
zero. So why, exactly, are you playing Metal Gear Solid?

Just thought I'd mention: if you're a user of, I've actually
built tin and mutt in my home area. They're in ~chunky/bin. Mutt is the
latest stable [1.3.24i], and tin is the latest unstable [1.5.10]

Note: mutt doesn't have imap support; you don't need it. Get qmail to
deliver to a mailbox in your home, and then you won't be able to hammer
the imap server. Look at my .qmail to see how to do this with procmail.

For reference, I have the following in my .bash_profile:
alias tin="tin -r"

You may also find this of use:
My configs


Am working on a PlayStationCam. If other people are allowed webcams, I
should be allowed a PlayStationCam [since that's the only thing currently
plugged into my TV card (=]

Just for Mr Hendersa-man, you should know that yesterday I did this:
IIS is annoying me now

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