Currently my main project is, based on the now open-source Quake 3 engine code.:

The Linux Gamers' FAQ:

I ported a little Windows game called Orbital Sniper to Linux, it's now Orbital Eunuchs Sniper:

After OES was ported, and improved somewhat, I decided we needed a new game, so Black Shades came about after I saw it on idevgames:

My domain,, runs some (hopefully) hilarious pseudo-news, and has a variety of edited images which we call "gimps".

I've also done some work on's bugzilla.

Webmaster for the bitstream project:

Webmaster for the project:

Did the installer for Pyrogon's Candy Cruncher Linux port.

Installers for, a project that continues to develop the open sources of id software's Quake2 code. Then I stopped and the unfortunately named "Loki Installers for Linux Games" group started making installers.

Technical reviewer for Prima's Linux Game Programming.

Wrote two game reviews for, and I post news there.