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                    - kickin' it 80-column style since 2003 -

        Hello there, internet friends.  My name is Colin.  I'm a student 
at the University of Washington in the Computer Science & Engineering 
department.  I occasionally like to do things with computers*, and you may 
find some of them here.  Uh... have fun and enjoy your stay, I guess.

- you are here
    - projects
        - hail friend computer
          [ if you were the computer, the computer would hail you ]
        - spacehax
          [ an otherwise-unnamed space strategy game for cool people ]
    - other internet people
      zakk, andrew, frederick, greg, ryan, dan, dana, laura, andrea, silje, 
    - other web sites on the internet
      this site sure is something awful
      zachary, acetaminophen, beige
      vogon@timedoctor is an impostor, I swear
      craaaaawling iiiiiin my skiiiiiiin
      virtual space trucker

* not like that, you perv