Conversion of The Primal Order to Mythus

by Rodney W. Morris (

Resistance Rolls

The Mythus system has no real equivalent to the resistance roll. However, a diety gains 10 Joss points upon ascension, and adds five more per raise in level. Furthermore, every 24 hours, the diety regenerates Joss equal to 5% of their Primal Base (not cumulative, however!).

Adjustments to Attributes

The normal human ATTRIBUTE range is about 4 to 22. When The Primal Order calls for an increase of 5% in one attribute, this equals one point in Mythus. When generating a divine-level character, add six points to all ATTRIBUTES.

Power Levels for Characters

All Dieties are considered Full Practioners in every casting K/S Area they possess. Furthermore, they have Heka comparable to 100 times the amount they would normally receive from these K/S Areas, in addition to a base 1000 Heka Points. The Power levels of TPO equivalate into the following for Mythus (see page 307 of the Mythus rulebook for more information on OP Power Class):

 Amateur        Class I OP    Minor Ability Persona
 Veteran        Class II OP   Standard Ability Persona
 Professional   Class III OP  Important OP
 Master         Class IV OP   Climactic Persona
 Legendary      Class IV OP   Climactic Persona (at the highest end of 
                                                 mortal achievement)

Primal Blast Effects

The Primal Blast always hits the target, dealing its damage regardless of magickal and physical protections. Such damage is at a rate of ten points of physical, mental, or spiritual damage per primal flux used.

Primal Shield Effects

A Primal Shield protects against all physical, spritual, and mental attacks. No magick can penetrate the Primal Shield. Physical damage depleats the shield by one point for every twenty points of damage. Magickally based damage depleats the shield by one point for every thirty points of magickal damage. Spiritual attacks are deflected and do not depleat the shield at all.

When hitting an external shield, roll as if the weapon had parried another weapon, with the commensurate possibility of weapon damage. If the damage is enough to break the shield, roll against the appropriate Combat K/S Area again and, if successful, apply the damage to the diety. When a skin-tight shield is hit with damage that is more than could depleat it, apply all remaining damage automatically. When an internal shield is being used, allow damage to the point of the diety's CL. At this point, damage is done to the shield. No mental or spiritual attacks will succeed against the shield.


As mentioned before, all dieties are Full Practitioners and gain 100 times the normal Heka from those K/S Areas. The cost of supporting a priest or holy warrior is an amount of primal flux equal to the highest grade of spell they can cast per day. Supporting Vows costs the gained multiplier (regardless of whether it is a Vow of Priestcraeft or a Vow of Service) multiplied by the highest grade of spell they can cast. A Pact costs the same multiplier, but the reclaimation of the soul at the end of the Pact gives double the normal Primal received from a sacrifice.

Throwing Spells Primally

The Spells are cast at the same Heka Cost, it is the overall Heka Total that is changed. rimal flux equal to the highest grade of spell they can cast per day.

Conversion by Rodney "Lucifer" Morris (