Loren Osborn


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Experienced, diligent and motivated Software Engineer seeking long-term full-time positions. Excited to add value to your orginization by empahsizing strong design and process methodologies in a dynamic team-centric environment. Willing to go the extra mile to see your enterprise bring top quailty software products to market that fulfil your customer's needs in a timely manner.


C++, Perl, MySQL, JavaScript, C#, C, HTML, shell scripting, MS-SQL, Visual Basic, 3D-Studio MaxScript , Eiffel and Pascal
APIs (Application Programming Interfaces):
Simple DirectMedia Layer (including SDL_mixer and SDL_image), XML::LibXML, DBI/DBD, Selected Win32 APIs, Immersion Force-Feedback Library, and general Unix, ANSI and C/C++ library APIs.
General cross-platform development, Windows (2003 Server/XP/2000/NT/ME/98/95/3.1), Linux (Intel, PPC, Alpha, Sparc), Unix (Solaris, SunOS, AIX, HPUX, IRIX, Ultrix, and OSF1), and MS-DOS
GNU tools and compilers, Visual Studio Environment, Subversion, CVS, RCS and Visual SourceSafe version control systems, InnoSetup Windows application installer, GIMP, Photoshop, general Unix tools, general purpose office software
Software system design including exposure to Waterfall and eXtreme Programming methodologies, General PC troubleshooting and repair, Linux system installation and maintenance, Network configuration and wiring
Creative solutions to problems, energetic attitude, pro-active team building, endless dedication and loyalty, and eager to learn


Contractor (Software Engineer and Interim CTO)

Dispensing Solutions, Inc.: Santa Ana, CA; September 2003-present

Initially responsible for entirety of companies IT needs, including network maintenence, mail server maintenence and configuration, user workstation troubleshooting and repair, risk assesment and mitigation. As IT department grew, specialized into enhancement, maintenence, quality assurance and deployment of company's web based eDispense inventory, ordering and dispensing management system. The application is written in Perl, utilizes HTTP+SSL (Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol + Secure Socket Layer) via CGI (Common Gateway Interface), runs under Apache on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, with MySQL database. Spearheaded adding support for 340B product line (shipped by third party vendor), Workmans Comp and Insurance billing and managed practice billing system which now generates significant new monthly profit from new and existing clients.
Contract Software Engineer

MobileGates Corporation: La Palma, CA; November 2002-June 2003

Responsible for enhancing and maintaining companies real-time traffic-centric web portal for cellular phone users. The application was written in Perl, utilized HTTP (Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol) via CGI (Common Gateway Interface) and SMS (Short Message Service) protocols, ran under Apache and Linux, and relying on data from a local MySQL database, and third party data in XML. I was responsible for all aspects of requirements gathering, design changes, implementation, testing and deployment of new features including intigrating speed based data into our system, UI (User Interface) overhaul, Points Of Interest and Gas Price Intigration. Also responsible for assessing potential risk and investment of a proposed change, and communicating it effectively to management.
Software Engineer

Reflexive Entertainment, Inc: Lake Forest, CA; August 2000-May 2002

Worked on four commercial titles for Windows (95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP) platform based on DirectX: Star Trek: Away Team (Published by Activision, Inc.; Santa Monica, CA - Original Web Page) , Zax: The Alien Hunter (Published by JoWooD Productions Software AG; Austria), Ricochet, and Swarm (re-release). General C++ library and engine programming on Reflexive's Velocity Engine including collaboration in development of C++ based persistent object system. Developed HTTP (Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol) client-server e-commerce purchasing system (based on forethought.net's "PerfectPay" credit card solution) using Perl for CGI (Common Gateway Interface) scripting and log file management. Integrated this system into Ricochet and Swarm. Setup and maintained Bugzilla bug database on an internal Linux server. Developed Artist tools in 3D-Studio Max's MaxScript.
Assistant Software Engineer

Autologue Computer Systems, Inc.: Buena Park, CA (via Kimco Staffing Services, Inc.); July 2000

Customized a pricing database API (Application Programming Interface) for a Linux based auto parts POS (Point Of Sale) system.
Application Developer

Loki Entertainment Software: Tustin, CA; September 1999-April 2000

Ported commercial PC games to Linux. Worked on titles including Heavy Gear II and Civilization: Call to Power. Was Primary Person Responsible for 2-D interface in Heavy Gear II. Worked with issues including cross-platform multi-player networking, and multi-threaded debugging. Represented company at Game Developers Conference (2000) in San Jose, CA.
Software Development Intern

FileNET Corporation: Costa Mesa, CA; August 1998-September 1999

Maintained C based Image Management Server database system in cross-platform Windows/Unix environment. Streamlined localization of GUI (Graphical User Interface) for German and French speaking customers using shell and Perl scripts. Worked with SCARS bug tracking and resolution system
Software Engineer

Boeing North American: Anaheim, CA; March 1997-August 1997

Worked on embedded Software Requirements Specification for "Navy Theater-Wide L.E.A.P. Kinetic Warhead" tactical missile interceptor. Developed software metric tools.


Irvine Valley College:

Irvine, CA; September 2002-June 2003

Visual Basic and C# courses to update my job skills.
Saddleback College:

Mission Viejo, CA; January 1999-October 1999

American Sign Language courses.
Rochester Institute of Technology:

Rochester, NY; August 1994-May 1998

Coursework included Unix, Object Oriented programming concepts, C++, Eiffel, library use and development, software life-cycles, computer science theory, computer graphics, operating systems and data communications. Other classes covered digital design (TTL), CPU architecture and development of full-scale software applications. Learned to apply object oriented programming concepts and software engineering development techniques to find effective software solutions to practical problems.
Prior to college:

Programming since the first grade. During high school, worked on several Basic and Turbo Pascal projects including a word search creator, a ray-tracing engine, a graphics printer driver, and Tetris for an ANSI terminal.
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