My academic research has given me the opportunity to work on a few interesting projects over the years:

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These are some of my own projects that I work on during those five free minutes that I have each week:


Over the years, I've contributed patches to several open source software projects. Here is a list of several of them. Click on the links below to learn more about these projects and my contributions to them:


Back when I worked at Loki Software, I worked on porting several commercial PC game codebases from Windows to Linux. Here are a few of the titles that I worked on:


When I was working in the inflight entertainment (IFE) industry at Panasonic Avionics Corporation and then at eFlyte/DTI, I ported and localized a large number of Windows PC casual games to resource starved, multimedia embedded Linux platforms.

Here is a partial list of the titles that I worked on:

  • Alchemy (PopCap)
  • Astropop (PopCap)
  • Atomica (PopCap)
  • Bejeweled (PopCap)
  • Bejeweled 2 (PopCap)
  • Big Money (PopCap)
  • Bookworm (PopCap)
  • Chainz 2 (Mumbo Jumbo)
  • Dynomite (PopCap)
  • Equilibria (Mumbo Jumbo)
  • Feeding Frenzy (PopCap)
  • Gearz (Mumbo Jumbo)
  • Heavy Weapon (PopCap)
  • High Roller (Mumbo Jumbo)
  • IgglePop (PopCap)
  • Insaniquarium (PopCap)
  • Luxor (Mumbo Jumbo)
  • MadCaps (Mumbo Jumbo)
  • Mummy Maze (PopCap)
  • Noah's Ark (PopCap)
  • Pixelus (PopCap)
  • Pizza Frenzy (PopCap)
  • Power Chips (Mumbo Jumbo)
  • Seven Seas (PopCap)
  • Zuma (PopCap)

There are a few more commercial casual games on the list, but I can't remember them off the top of my head. I also developed a few game titles in-house like multiplayer Texas Holdem and Solitaire. Non-game software that I developed for the inflight market included some SATCOM communications applications (Live Text News and In-Flight Communicator) and a few SATCOM unit-test utilities here and there.