What is Adventures in the Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment?

"Adventures in the Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment features cynical science fiction humour similar to Sierra On-Line's Space Quest, but mixes adventure elements with turn-based space combat, resource trading and space exploration gameplay mechanisms reminiscent of space simulator titles like Star Control and Wing Commander: Privateer. The game is both a parody of and tribute to science fiction games and films. For instance, a major plot point is the deployment of Redshirts (an obvious homage to Star Trek's disposable red-shirted crew members), who are used as cannon fodder when the situation planet-side is deemed too dangerous for the ship's crew. The easily replaceable Redshirts invariably die, often in gruesome and darkly comic ways. Although not a part of the series proper, the game is set in the Rob Blanc science fiction universe, after the disappearance of the 'Defender of the Universe' and the chaos that followed." - Wikipedia

As with the Chzo Mythos and now the 1213 series, I packaged a GNU/Linux binary using the AGS Linux Runtime and put it up here; now replaced again with the newer version derived from the AGS GitHub. For more information, see the Chzo Mythos build page.

What is the game about?

Captain Bromide It is a time of turmoil in the galaxy. Following the disappearance of the Defender of the Universe, the Galactic Presidency has been dissolved and anarchy reigns. With the galaxy divided into three distinct zones, the Galactic Police and the Culthorpe pirate family are engaged in a cold war from across the Lifeless Zone. Life has never been more dangerous for the people of the universe, doubly so for those who make a living flying from planet to planet. And to make matters worse, an invisible conspiracy is threatening life itself.

None of which means anything to Daniel Gordon, earthling and wage slave, whose major concern is keeping hold of his pension plan. That is until he is unexpectedly abducted by the galaxy's premier employment agency and finds himself stuck with a crew of misfit mercenaries on a cargo transporter built more like a skip with thrusters. Will he get back to Earth in time for the meeting with his boss? Or will his adventure be cut short?

Download Captain Bromide art as SVG.

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Package Build 2:

Download: Click Here!
Released: January 19, 2015.
Tested On: Arch i386.

Package Build 1:

Download: Click Here!
Released: August 26, 2010.
Tested On: Fedora 13.

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