Smaller Chainmaille balls

These are the second things I learned to make from Chainmaille.

12 Balls


I'm assuming you've read my vague intro here

These balls are essentially a flat band of european 6-in-one, wrapped around a 1" superball [you know - those things that come in packs of 5 or 10 for all of two bucks, and are just little pieces of rubber that bounce really high]

The Pattern

Basically, the pattern itself is this:

  1. Make a piece of 6-in-one, starting with a row of 24 rings [this is going to be tight - use about 26 for something looser], and going for a total of 5 rows.
  2. Once you've done that, join the ends of this narrow band [hence an even number of rings in the row, to start], and push the ball into the band [may be pretty hard, but in this case I find the tight thing is worth it]
  3. To seal each end, I do a row of 3-in-one, but skipping a ring each time. You'll have twelve rings in this row. [look at the pic below]
  4. Do the same again, and you'll have a row with 6 rings in it...
  5. Which is small enough that you can put a single ring through all 6 to finish off. The ends in this case are a little loose, so you don't need to double anything up.
End of the small ball

As an aside - these balls are amusing, because they bounce. Chainmaille is not, by it's nature, a substance that bounces. Throw one of these at the ground, and they bounce remarkably high [all things considered]. Just amused the hell outta me :-)

Gary (-;

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