Package CTL

Class Summary
Admin Toolbox for managing CTL4j applications and components
AnyObjIdentMap This class holds mappings from the in-stream type identifier strings to actual Java classes and vice versa.
Cleaner Terminates processes after main() finished.
ConnectHandler Incoming connection handling thread
Debug Simple debugging output handler
Env Global environment
Globals Structure which holds some global CTL4j compile time settings.
Group Process group (currently, only groups with 2 members are supported)
Java Handle reading and writing of Java standard library types.
Logger Filter-based logging class
Measure Derive from this class for easier serialized size calculation
MessageQueue Queue for CTL messages
ObjectMap Map of objects
ObjectMapEntry Entry in an ObjectMap
Password Taken from Note: Insecure, because Strings are immutable
Process Communication process
Remote Static methods for remote communication based on the CTL protocol
RI Abstract base class for all remote interfaces
rResult Result of a remote method call
RUtil Static utility functions which did not fit anywhere else
Timer Timer
ToolBase Base class for CTL tools
Vault Persistence for CTL objects

Enum Summary