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The Comp.Sys.Sinclair Crap Games Competition 2001

Celebrating 19 years of misery

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What you probably want to do right now is go and see the entries or the results.

The Comp.Sys.Sinclair Crap Games Competition returns to deliver its sixth annual helping of 8-bit love -- for you. Once again we'll be the one-stop-shop for sadistic (or merely poor) progammers to exchange their most questionable software creations for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum with each other, the unsuspecting public and this year's corrupt panel of judges*.

* me.

Defining Crapness:

The CSSCGC favours a very special quality of crapness. Rather than try to explain the many specific qualities which might be desirable in and entry, we recommend that you take yourself off to stare intently at the many many excellent entries to last year's compo (organised by Graham Goring), and take a look at this year's entries so far.

This year we are not laying down any severe rules for entries to the competition, but are deferring to the entrants' own instincts for inventing new ways to make a truly crap submission in the CSSCGC tradition. Non-games (utilities, etc) are also welcomed, if you think that they have that winning quality. We'll be the judge of that.

Here are some attributes that you might consider tossing into your entry -- pick a few or take them all (and fear for your immortal soul).

  • Irritating
  • Ugly (even moreso than this page!)
  • Simple
  • Slow
  • Bugged
  • Inventive
  • Grimly amusing in every way
  • Undefinably crap

Please, go and look at Graham's site for last year's entries for a taste of the typical flavour of entries, then HAVE A GO YOURSELF! Since it is painfully apparent that some of the (best) entries to last year's competition took only five minutes (and no talent) to make, you don't have an excuse! You don't need a 'real' ZX Spectrum, either -- many fine, crap game developers like to develop entries on one of the convenient emulators available for many platforms.

How to enter:

So, you think you have what it takes to make a rubbish game? I bet you do! Your entry should conform to the following rules (exceptions by negotiation and bribery):

  • Entries should be written to run on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K or 128K models and compatibles. I hope that that was obvious anyway.
  • Entries should be submitted in .tzx, .tap, .sna or .z80 format. Entries will be open to ridicule by the judges and the general public, which is the point, really.
  • Entries should be emailed to adam@gimp.org. Your entry should be acknowledged within ten days, else please resend.
  • Entries should arrive by the extended deadline of January 31st, 2002 (n.b. THE DEADLINE HAS PASSED AND THE CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED!)


Oh the mysterious mystery!


I'm as surprised as you are, but it looks like we have a results page and one lucky winner who has earned both a prize and extradition from polite society.


The year 2000's competition pages are still available at:
http://www.duketastrophy.demon.co.uk/csscgc2k/ -- very educational.

1999's competition pages are squirrelled away at:
http://www.zx.ru/www.nelsona.freeserve.co.uk/ netscape/csscgc/

Winners for 1996-1999 are enshrined at:
http://www.lofi-gaming.org.uk/speccy/CSSCGC/ Competition_Results/competition_results.shtml

Chris Young has a searchable index of all previous years' entries. Avoid the embarrassing re-use of an old gag!
http://homepages.enterprise.net/ cavan/ysac/cgi-bin/csscgc.cgi

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(c) 2001 Adam D. Moss