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tr_animation_t Struct Reference

Animation. More...

#include <tr_types.h>

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Public Attributes

bitu32 frame_offset
bitu8 frame_rate
bitu8 frame_size
bitu16 state_id
bit16 unknown
bit16 speed
bit16 accel_lo
bit16 accel_hi
bit16 unknown2
bit16 speed2
bit16 accel_lo2
bit16 accel_hi2
bitu16 frame_start
bitu16 frame_end
bitu16 next_animation
bitu16 next_frame
bitu16 num_state_changes
bitu16 state_change_offset
bitu16 num_anim_commands
bitu16 anim_command

Detailed Description


This describes each individual animation; these may be looped by specifying the next animation to be itself. In TR2 and TR3, one must be careful when parsing frames using the FrameSize value as the size of each frame, since an animation's frame range may extend into the next animation's frame range, and that may have a different FrameSize value.

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