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EAttack Class Reference

Attack event. More...

#include <events.h>

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Public Member Functions

 EAttack (Character *chr, Uint16 length, Weapon *atweapon, Uint16 dir, Uint16 weapon_range=0, Uint16 target_mask=NOTHING, Uint16 edelay=0, Uint32 switchstate=0, Mix_Chunk *esound=NULL, EmptyAnimationPtr runanim=EmptyAnimationPtr())
virtual void end ()

Protected Attributes

Uint16 direction
Uint16 range
Uint16 mask

Detailed Description

Attack event.

Describes a full attack including weapons used, direction of attack, weapon range, target types to (try to) hit.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

EAttack::EAttack Character chr,
Uint16  length,
Weapon atweapon,
Uint16  dir,
Uint16  weapon_range = 0,
Uint16  target_mask = NOTHING,
Uint16  edelay = 0,
Uint32  switchstate = 0,
Mix_Chunk *  esound = NULL,
EmptyAnimationPtr  runanim = EmptyAnimationPtr()

chr Character owner of the AnimEvent
length Duration of the animation, once it's started
atweapon Weapon to be used for the attack
dir Directions to attack
weapon_range Range of the weapon starting from the character into all specified directions
target_mask Mask for the object type of the targets to be hit
edelay Delay until the animation is started
switchstate States that will be switched when the animation starts/ends
esound Sound (Mix_Chunk) to be played when the event starts
runanim Animation to be run when the event starts

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