[ut3] ut3 officially dead

Keith Z-G keithzg at gmail.com
Sat Dec 18 19:50:50 EST 2010

Seriously, Ryan already probably got in trouble for telling us as much
as he did awhile back; you really think that a company whose sole
notable asset is a game engine is NOT going to have an independent
contractor working on fundamental-level code under an NDA? I wish I
lived in that kind of world, where corporations were so open and
reasonable :P

Ryan, in the past, has been a pretty blunt and honest person, and
successfully ported earlier iterations of this very engine; I don't
see why he'd both fail AND from his own free will refuse to say
anything this time around.  Considering there have been absolutely no
releases of any UE3 games for a PC platform other than Windows
(neither OSX nor Linux releases) despite the technology itself
obviously being portable (if you can run it on iOS and the PS3, I mean
seriously now...) there's obviously something else going on here, and
the strongly-made suggestion that it's some middleware that the owner
is unwilling to license to a non-Microsoft PC platform seems to fit
the facts better than any other hypothesis.

On Fri, Dec 17, 2010 at 12:09 PM, Damian Kaczmarek <rush at rushbase.net> wrote:
> Oh ffs don't treat Ryan like a holy cow. He has screwed up and treated
> all of us like shit and we have the right to call him up on that.
> Ryan, how does it feel to be a liar and a scam? How does it feel to
> make to many promises thinking you can fulfill all of them? Everyone
> is a human and makes mistakes but apology is definetely sought here.
> And to all (including Ryan), have a good christmas time and/or happy
> holidays. To think I received my UT3 one christmas (how long ago??)
> and it still lays unpackaged.
> Cheers to all. :)
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