[ut3] Full UT99 install??

Tony Bassette kult at bassette.org
Tue May 19 05:20:27 EDT 2009

I'm still have my UT99 server up and running and as suggested by Rob try using the 
Abfackelns Server Utilities, it's a great tool to easily setup new mode, start scripts ...

have fun with it.

At Lundi, 18-05-2009 on 22:37 "[Apoc]Death" <death at apoc.org> wrote:
> I haven't run a UT99 server in years, but unrealadmin.org rocks the 
> house, as always:
> http://wiki.unrealadmin.org/Server_Install_linux
> Seems this tutorial suggests using abfackelns Server Utilities, which I 
> vaguely remember hearing good things about, though I never used them. 
> Give that tutorial and try and see where it gets you.
> Good luck!
> -Rob

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