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Wed Jun 3 02:55:33 EDT 2009

Last we heard, Ryan was mostly finished with the port and was just cleaning
up while some behind-the-scenes legal battles were talking place over
(networking code?).  Anyway, I was also thinking that sense UT3 has become
available on Steam there may be a Steam UT3 Linux in the works...  I believe
Steam is also being ported, so it'd be interesting if they planned to
release both around the same time to attract more attention to Steam.  (As
releasing it with UT3, TF2, AudioSurf, and whatever else Source engine based
games could be available...)  <-- Major happy hopeful thought, do not take
that as what will happen.  I just remember a while back hearing that Steam
was being ported..  So who knows... just hope the devs still feel motivated
to get it out asap.  (Also if there will be UT3 Linux beta testing...

On Tue, Jun 2, 2009 at 11:33 PM, Валерий <jazzvoid at gmail.com> wrote:

> The best source of information is icculus.org' news, and sometimes this
> mailing list.
> That's just my guess, but I don't think that the problem is in 2.1 patch or
> Titan pack... I thought the only platform dependant software is renderer
> (mojoshader?) and maybe few steam libs (linux servers for Valve's
> Source-based games already have steam libs though)
> 2009/6/3 Max Zettlmeissl <max at zettlmeissl.de>
> Hey there Ryan,
>> so the last "official" news from your side that I know about were back
>> in March and they stated something similar to "bugfixing, tweaking and
>> polishing is being done, then it's finished".
>> I'm searching for news on the UT3 Linux Client at least a few times per
>> month and I regularly check sites related to Linux gaming, so these
>> should have news on the client as soon as it appears.
>> Right before writing this, I googled it again and found some news on
>> Phoronix that i hadn't seen before which state that someone asked you on
>> twitter how far you'd progressed on the port, that seems to have been in
>> May. Now these news contain absolutely no ETA and could be made up for
>> all I know... just like that cruel cruel April 1st article about the UT3
>> Beta on Phoronix...
>> I'd really love to get at least a rough time frame from you, for when
>> the Linux version of UT3 is going to be finished.
>> Can we expect to see the Client this summer, or at least before
>> Christmas? I certainly hope that it's here before Christmas...
>> I'd really like to know what's the whole problem with this port...
>> Cheerio
>> ps. hm, maybe the Linux version is already finished and you're just some
>> kind of sadist.
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