Being constructive

Henrique Carvalho Alves hcarvalhoalves at
Fri Oct 26 12:17:15 EDT 2007

Would be nice to know how is the port going, if there is some alpha/beta
that can run with the demo content stuff, so we can test and give
feedback to speed up things. Note that I don't know if it's possible or
permited by Epic, but anyway... You can get great feedback from Linux
community as people are used to test things out.

About a x86/64 version, it really SHOULD happen, as UT2004 already had
it on days that 64 bit were less common, now that its getting
mainstream, would be a shame to not have x86/64! (For Linux and Mac, as
Linux 64 is getting more popular and I guess Leopard is coming with 64
by native, right?)

And my props to Epic by this impressive machine, I've been running the
demo for Windows and works nicely with a low-end hardware, so if there
will be a Linux port its nice to know that I can use my preffered OS and
spend my bucks on the game (collectors version) and with a better
hardware to enjoy its kick-assery.

Keep up!

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