[ut3] c'mon. cool down

mix mix at openflex.net
Fri Oct 26 10:40:45 EDT 2007

100% Agreed. I don't want to get my inbox spammed of this mailinglist.
This is a Mailinglist for Linux and Mac -Server/-Client versions, to
post problems and ask questions *specific* for these versions. But don't
ask 100 times the *same* question. You can search the ML-Archives for
these. Especially, don't ask when the Client/Server will be "selled".
Also I think Ryan is the only one who actually is programming these
versions, so blame Epic on their *forums* for these things, not Ryan.
Also, for the ones who don't understand the function of the
mailinglist-system, please read some topics about that and *search* in
the archives for questions which are asked some time ago.


Johannes Kühnel schrieb:
> This shouldn't be a bash'n'bash mailing list, but a list where people get informed about Ryan's work AND where people are able to get help.
> I have to delete x messages just because some of you are not understanding the function of this system.
> For offtopic discussions and bashing just send an email to the one you want to discuss with or to bash.
> thanks, Jo

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