[ut3] Older Linux Servers

Sander alexanho at student.matnat.uio.no
Fri Oct 19 10:27:10 EDT 2007

cdx wrote:
> Hi Cory,
> netstat -nap will tell you this
> 1 udp 0 0* 2644/ut3demo-bin
> 2 udp 0 0* 2644/ut3demo-bin
> 3 tcp 0 0* LISTEN 2644/ut3demo-bin
> 4 udp 0 0* 2644/ut3demo-bin
> 5 tcp 0 0 ESTABLISHED 
> 2644/ut3demo-bin
> 1 and 2 are fixed ports, 3 and 4 are random (and afaik can not be 
> fixed in the linux version), but not needed for establishing 
> connections from the internet, but i dont know if the server will 
> appear on the list
> 5 is afaik just the connection to the master server
> i only forward 1 and 2, because its a private clanserver, and therefor 
> its not important to be listet in the server list
> sorry for my bad english
> best regards
> Jan
> Sunderhaus, Cory wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I am new to the list, but I was wondering if I could ask a couple 
>> questions to the experts.
>> 1. I have an older Proliant HP server that has dual PIII Zeon 
>> processors, 4 gig of RAM, and about 200 GB of HD space (Great little 
>> Linux box). I have been reading that the Linux install was compiled 
>> with SSE2 extensions and this would be the reason I am getting the 
>> “Illegal instruction” error message. When the full version of the 
>> game is released will this still be the case or should I start 
>> looking for some P4 processors now?
>> 2. I am planning on doing more research tonight with open ports, 
>> however if someone knows this off the top of their head I thought I 
>> would ask. So far from what I have been reading is the only ports 
>> that need to be open are 7777, 14001, and 13001. The last two being 
>> for the GameSpy servers. I have these ports open, however no one can 
>> connect to the server I am running. I moved my PC out from behind my 
>> router and everything works. I can update with what I find tonight 
>> from running NetStat along with some other tools, but I know I am 
>> missing something.
>> Thanks in Advanced,
>> -Cory
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While we're on the subject of ports and such, would somebody please 
explain something to me with babysteps? I live in a university dorm, and 
thusly, I'm behind a firewall I have no control over. This firewall has 
closed all UDP traffic, with a few exceptions, but it is possible to 
apply for a opening of ports. What ports (both TCP and UDP) would be 
required to play (note: not host a server) UT3 online?

Yours sincerly

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