[ut3] My linux server segfaults as soon as the world is loaded

Arnaud De Mouhy arnaud.demouhy at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 17:47:27 EDT 2007

My server segfault when I specify a logfile with the option - 

There is still some hard links to your homefolder Ryan ;)

Check this log (for the log segfault):

ut3 at rowdy:~$ ./UT3-linux-server-betademo/Binaries/ut3demo server DM- 
log=ut3.log -login=ud-ut3-server -password=xxxxxx
Init: Version: 3464
Init: Epic Internal: 0
Init: Compiled: Oct 13 2007 22:35:22
Init: Command line: server DM-HeatRay?Port=7777?GameMode=0? 
068000101000109000111000032000083000101000114000118000101000114000 - 
login=ud-ut3-server -password=omgwtfbbq
Init: Base directory: /home/ut3server/UT3-linux-server-betademo/ 
Init: Character set: Unicode
Log: GConfig::LoadFile has loaded file:  ../UTGame/Config/UTEditor.ini
Log: GConfig::LoadFile has loaded file:  ../UTGame/Config/ 
Log: GConfig::LoadFile has loaded file:  ../UTGame/Config/UTEngine.ini
Log: GConfig::LoadFile has loaded file:  ../UTGame/Config/UTGame.ini
Log: GConfig::LoadFile has loaded file:  ../UTGame/Config/UTInput.ini
Log: GConfig::LoadFile has loaded file:  ../UTGame/Config/UTUI.ini
Log: Deleting old log file Launch-backup-2007.10.16-23.42.23.log
Init: File handle limit is soft=(1024), hard=(1024).
Init: Computer: unknown
Init: User: ut3
Init: BSD Sockets initialized
DevStats: GSecondsPerCycle 1.000000e-06
Init: Presizing for 83221 objects not considered by GC, pre- 
allocating 0 bytes.
Init: Object subsystem initialized
Log: DEMOVERSION is defined.
Init: Sockets: I am rowdy.unreal-design.com (
Init: Startup System Settings:
Init: System Settings:
Init:   StaticDecals=true
Init:   DynamicDecals=true
Init:   DynamicLights=true
Init:   DynamicShadows=true
Init:   LightEnvironmentShadows=true
Init:   CompositeDynamicLights=false
Init:   DirectionalLightmaps=true
Init:   MotionBlur=true
Init:   DepthOfField=true
Init:   Bloom=true
Init:   QualityBloom=true
Init:   Distortion=true
Init:   DropParticleDistortion=false
Init:   SpeedTreeLeaves=true
Init:   SpeedTreeFronds=true
Init:   OnlyStreamInTextures=false
Init:   LensFlares=true
Init:   FogVolumes=true
Init:   FloatingPointRenderTargets=true
Init:   Trilinear=false
Init:   OneFrameThreadLag=true
Init:   UseVsync=false
Init:   UpscaleScreenPercentage=true
Init:   Fullscreen=false
Init:   AllowD3D10=true
Init:   EnableHighPolyChars=false
Init:   SkeletalMeshLODBias=0
Init:   ParticleLODBias=0
Init:   DetailMode=2
Init:   ShadowFilterQualityBias=0
Init:   MaxAnisotropy=4
Init:   MaxMultisamples=1
Init:   MinShadowResolution=32
Init:   MaxShadowResolution=512
Init:   ResX=800
Init:   ResY=600
Init:   ScreenPercentage=100.000
Init:   SceneCaptureStreamingMultiplier=1.000
Init:   FoliageDrawRadiusMultiplier=1.000
Init:   ShadowTexelsPerPixel=2.000
Log:    TEXTUREGROUP_World: (MinLODSize=   1,MaxLODSize=4096,LODBias=0)
Log:    TEXTUREGROUP_WorldNormalMap: (MinLODSize=    
Log:    TEXTUREGROUP_WorldSpecular: (MinLODSize=    
Log:    TEXTUREGROUP_Character: (MinLODSize=    
Log:    TEXTUREGROUP_CharacterNormalMap: (MinLODSize=    
Log:    TEXTUREGROUP_CharacterSpecular: (MinLODSize=    
Log:    TEXTUREGROUP_Weapon: (MinLODSize=   1,MaxLODSize=4096,LODBias=0)
Log:    TEXTUREGROUP_WeaponNormalMap: (MinLODSize=    
Log:    TEXTUREGROUP_WeaponSpecular: (MinLODSize=    
Log:    TEXTUREGROUP_Vehicle: (MinLODSize=    
Log:    TEXTUREGROUP_VehicleNormalMap: (MinLODSize=    
Log:    TEXTUREGROUP_VehicleSpecular: (MinLODSize=    
Log:    TEXTUREGROUP_Effects: (MinLODSize=    
Log:    TEXTUREGROUP_Skybox: (MinLODSize=   1,MaxLODSize=4096,LODBias=0)
Log:    TEXTUREGROUP_UI: (MinLODSize=   1,MaxLODSize=4096,LODBias=0)
Log:    TEXTUREGROUP_LightAndShadowMap: (MinLODSize=    
Log:    TEXTUREGROUP_RenderTarget: (MinLODSize=    
Init: Friendly System Settings:
Init:   TextureDetail=Level5
Init:   WorldDetail=Level5
Init:   bUseVSync=0
Init:   bUseMSAA=0
Init:   ScreenPercentage=100
Init:   UpscaleScreenPercentage=1
Init:   ResX= 800
Init:   ResY= 600
Init:   Fullscreen=0
Log: Initializing FaceFX...
Log: FaceFX initialized:
Log:     version  1.710000
Log:     licensee Unreal Engine 3 Licensee
Log:     project  Unreal Engine 3 Project
Signal: SIGSEGV [segmentation fault]

Developer Backtrace:
Log: [ 1]  ./ut3demo-bin [0x8b4763d]
Log: [ 2]  [0xffffe420]
Log: [ 3]  /lib/tls/i686/cmov/libpthread.so.0(__pthread_mutex_lock 
+0x24) [0xb7f11e84]
Log: [ 4]  ./ut3demo-bin [0x804f806]
Log: [ 5]  ./ut3demo-bin [0x804f850]
Log: [ 6]  ./ut3demo-bin [0x8a90a04]
Log: [ 7]  ./ut3demo-bin [0x8ad7d09]
Log: [ 8]  ./ut3demo-bin [0x8050595]
Log: [ 9]  ./ut3demo-bin [0x8052840]
Log: [10]  ./ut3demo-bin [0x805471c]
Log: [11]  ./ut3demo-bin [0x804d95f]
Log: [12]  ./ut3demo-bin [0x804dc18]
Log: [13]  /lib/tls/i686/cmov/libc.so.6(__libc_start_main+0xd2)  
Log: [14]  ./ut3demo-bin(__gxx_personality_v0+0x119) [0x804cf71]

Crash information will be saved to your logfile.
Exit: Exiting.
Exit: Name subsystem shutting down
ut3demo-bin: /home/icculus/projects/UnrealEngine3-Icculus/Development/ 
External/FaceFX/FxSDK/Src/FxName.cpp:461: void  
OC3Ent::Face::FxName::_safeRemoveRef(): Assertion `false !=  
removeResult' failed.

Le 16 oct. 07 à 06:11, Clint Goudie-Nice a écrit :

> Great suggestion! It appears that the segfault has to do with the  
> length of the username. DisastrousConsequences.com is too long.  
> DisastrousConsequences is too long, Disastrous starts like a charm.  
> Guess I'll pick a shorter name for now.
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> From: Jason Wolfe [mailto:nitroxboost at hotmail.com]
> Sent: Monday, October 15, 2007 9:43 PM
> To: ut3 at icculus.org
> Subject: Re: [ut3] My linux server segfaults as soon as the world  
> is loaded
> Looks like it might have to do with your Gamespy ID.. Throw a bogus  
> login and pass in with no special characters (just a few letters)  
> and see if it starts up.  You might need to do some quoting to get  
> it working with the true ID.  Is your server still advertised if  
> you dont give a working login?  BTW those devphysics errors are  
> normal and don't seem to be related.

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