Linux Server collapses after 5-10 minutes

-gizZMo- lord.of.destruction at
Tue Oct 16 17:31:00 EDT 2007


already posted this on the ut3 mailing-list @epic -- without any result..
so i'll give it another try on THIS list.. especially as it seems to be a
"linux-only" problem and there's a lot of ppl having the same problem
(referring to for instance..)

my linux-server collapses after 5-10 minutes, while users still 
playing and
connecting. first it gets laggy and then the players get dicsonnected.

it doesn't seem to matter what kind of gametype is running and how many
users are connected. the server is still running (as you can see in the
screen/console), but players can't (re-)connect any more.

detailed infos and log-parts can be found here:

other one's seem to have the same problem:

another post:

"wait for patch" <- rumors? truth? bitter reality? ôO

no windows-admin encounters a similar problem, so it seems to be a
linux-specific one. (ryan?)

ANY (helpful) comments would be appreciated..


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