[ut3] Linux Client and a lot of rumors

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Tue Oct 16 17:04:24 EDT 2007

> Ryan, should we be looking at buying the Windows version now in 
> preparation for the installer, or should we sit tight and hope(!) for a 
> retail Linux box ?

I don't think there will be a retail Linux box. If anything, some print 
run may add the installer to the disc, but it's not something to wait for.

There will definitely NOT be a Linux-only package, like the Loki and LGP 
titles had. If you want the game, buy the Windows disc.

The Mac version WILL be it's own box and disc, though, as it has it's 
own publisher (MacSoft), and will not be available for downloadable use 
with the Windows disc.


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