[ut3] Linux Client and a lot of rumors

Alex Boag-Munroe boagenator at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 16:03:10 EDT 2007

Ryan mentioned it is unlikely the linux client will be on the released
CD/DVD but there will be one available.  I believe the lack of client is due
to a lack of resource.

Which would make sense considering the vast number of issues currently
plaguing this "beta" release.  I've used more stable pre-alpha software.

On 16/10/2007, Dennis Andersen <zalzer.es at gmail.com> wrote:
> Have lately read a lot of rumors about the UT3 Linux Client, one being
> that there will be no Linux client, so just wanted to hear what reality is,
> are we going to see a Linux client when UT3 is released and will it be in
> the box when one buy the game ... and what about the UT3 Beta Demo? why
> havn't that been releashed for Linux?

Alex Boag-Munroe

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