[ut3] New Linux Server Mirror

mix mix at openflex.net
Tue Oct 16 02:10:46 EDT 2007


> i make a server over windows:

This mailinglist is for linux-server/client and not windows, but anyway,
one port is 7777 and there are others from gamespy which I previously
mentioned in another mail. I don't know if these are all ports.


> "F:\Programme\Unreal Tournament 3 Demo\Binaries\UT3Demo.exe" server
> DM-Heatray?numplay=4?maxplayers=8?timelimit=20?goalscore=0?botskill=3?forcerespawn=1?bUsesStats=true
> -port=7777 -login=XXXXXXX -password=XXXXXXX
> it open a black DoS Window ok but nobody can see it over the server list.
> with port i need to open on my router?

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