[ut3] ut3 demo server linix startup error

Andre Lorbach alorbach at ro1.adiscon.com
Mon Oct 15 07:18:11 EDT 2007

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> Hi,
> > Another question is, does anybody has a full list of ports which are
> > needed to be open and outgoing connections, so I can configure my
> > firewall proberly?
> >
> Mh, in the ml was already a question about this, i think. But
> see at utforums.epicgames.com:
> http://utforums.epicgames.com/showpost.php?p=25030519&postcount=2

I have seen it listening on Port 7777 and 13000 UDP and 52331 TCP. 
What I am more interested in is, which Ports it connects to outside, for
master server talk and such stuff. 


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