[ut3] Linux Server is running, but can't connect

Mike Noordermeer mike at normi.net
Sun Oct 14 18:03:46 EDT 2007

Rick Page wrote:
> I sent this earlier, but I am not sure it went through. I have a remote 
> Linux Server setup and running. Thanks Ryan for all your hard work. When 
> I run UT3 Demo at home (I am using a different profile at home than the 
> one for the server), I see the server in the Server Browser, but it just 
> stays at Connecting...., when I try to connect.

AFAIK you can't use -multihome atm. The server will simply pass a random 
IP on to Gamespy, if it doesn't work without -multihome you'll have to 
wait for a fix from Epic I think....

Mike Noordermeer
mike at normi.net

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