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On 14-10-2007 10:29, "Ryan C. Gordon" <icculus at icculus.org> wrote:

> I'm pretty much here to answer "no" to everyone's questions, sorry about
> that. As things get finalized, I'll be announcing better information here.

No problem Ryan, i understand the infos should be dosed with attention. But,
for first time ever, we can have a game optimized for powerpc (PS3), and we
need to learn about ³should happens²?

Looking at Macintosh Intel hardware, it¹s really a small market (just some
iMac, MacBook Pro and MacPro). But, how many customers of MacBook Pro and
MacPro will go to buy this game?

I think PowerPC Macintosh installement is still large, and all have a 3D
graphic accelerator, after a fashion!

Hope to learn new infos asa they will available, in the meantime, I think I
have nothing to hardly wait!
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