[ut3] Hello Everyone!

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Sun Oct 14 04:26:27 EDT 2007

> What's the word on being able to compile UScript with the Linux client 
> this time around? Also "for later"?

Hasn't been looked into at all, so it may "just work" out of the box as 
that subsystem has been tweaked some. There wasn't any apparent reason 
"ucc make" wouldn't work in UnrealEngine2 beyond it just didn't; I don't 
think there was some Windows dependency blocking it or anything.

I speculated that the uscript compiler was sorting some structures into 
a different order than the Windows code before writing them to disk (the 
C runtime's qsort() has an undefined behaviour that we probably rely 
on), but I never had time to track it down fully.

Hopefully this time that'll be one of the annoyances that gets fixed, if 
it doesn't work already.


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