[ut3] Linux dedicated server for beta demo now available!

Brett Cooper bctrainers at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 02:35:45 EDT 2007

Thanks for this!


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Subject: [ut3] Linux dedicated server for beta demo now available!

> Okay, here you go. The UT3 beta demo server for GNU/Linux is now 
> available!
> Please keep in mind:
> - This is a BETA build. If something looks buggy, it probably is. Some 
> bugs are Linux-specific, some happen on Windows, too. We are interested in 
> hearing about them all.
> - Please be sure to keep the crash data from your server's logs if you 
> experience a crash. You may send it to me directly (not the mailing list, 
> unless you want to discuss it).
> - This build does not have optimizations enabled, since I want to track 
> down real bugs first. If you want to gauge what sort of hardware it will 
> need, expect it to take less for final builds.
> - Most of the admin guides for the Windows server apply here, so look to 
> them for HOWTOs and documentation. These mailing lists are already full of 
> good advice, too.
> Here's the file (hosted at GoDaddy's facility in Arizona):
> http://treefort.icculus.org/ut3/UT3-linux-server-betademo-10132007.tar.bz2
> Here's a mirror on Dreamhost's network in California:
> http://0day.icculus.org/ut3/UT3-linux-server-betademo-10132007.tar.bz2
> It's about 648 megabytes.
> md5sum: f9f942d150e8751392cc4ea3339322ae
> Download, unpack, and run UT3-linux-server-betademo/Binaries/ut3demo ... a 
> quick-start command line looks something like this:
> ./ut3demo server 
> vCTF-Suspense?MaxPlayers=24?MinNetPlayers=4?bShouldAdvertise=True?bIsLanMatch=False?bIsDedicated=True 
>  -login=MYLOGIN -password=MYPASSWORD
> MYLOGIN and MYPASSWORD are required and should be replaced with a valid 
> gamespy profile (you can create one in the game on Windows). Your server 
> needs it's own profile, so don't reuse the one you plan to play the game 
> with.
> Feel free to mirror the server files. I'll be posting a list of known 
> mirrors tomorrow. I only list mirrors that don't require membership to 
> download the file and have sane mimetypes.
> I will probably be hotfixing things based on feedback separate from the 
> Windows version (small downloads, not the whole package again), so your 
> feedback is very important!
> Admin stuff should go to the ut3servers list. Don't send it to 
> ut3 at icculus.org (mostly that'll be focused on the Linux/Mac clients 
> eventually, whereas all the expert admins hang out on ut3servers).
> Thank you all for your patience...the Unreal admin community has continued 
> to impress me every day for many years now, and your civility over the 
> last 24 hours was no exception.
> Enjoy!
> --ryan.
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