Linux dedicated server for beta demo now available!

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Sun Oct 14 01:14:36 EDT 2007

Okay, here you go. The UT3 beta demo server for GNU/Linux is now available!

Please keep in mind:

- This is a BETA build. If something looks buggy, it probably is. Some 
bugs are Linux-specific, some happen on Windows, too. We are interested 
in hearing about them all.
- Please be sure to keep the crash data from your server's logs if you 
experience a crash. You may send it to me directly (not the mailing 
list, unless you want to discuss it).
- This build does not have optimizations enabled, since I want to track 
down real bugs first. If you want to gauge what sort of hardware it will 
need, expect it to take less for final builds.
- Most of the admin guides for the Windows server apply here, so look to 
them for HOWTOs and documentation. These mailing lists are already full 
of good advice, too.

Here's the file (hosted at GoDaddy's facility in Arizona):

Here's a mirror on Dreamhost's network in California:

It's about 648 megabytes.
md5sum: f9f942d150e8751392cc4ea3339322ae

Download, unpack, and run UT3-linux-server-betademo/Binaries/ut3demo ... 
a quick-start command line looks something like this:

./ut3demo server 
-login=MYLOGIN -password=MYPASSWORD

MYLOGIN and MYPASSWORD are required and should be replaced with a valid 
gamespy profile (you can create one in the game on Windows). Your server 
needs it's own profile, so don't reuse the one you plan to play the game 

Feel free to mirror the server files. I'll be posting a list of known 
mirrors tomorrow. I only list mirrors that don't require membership to 
download the file and have sane mimetypes.

I will probably be hotfixing things based on feedback separate from the 
Windows version (small downloads, not the whole package again), so your 
feedback is very important!

Admin stuff should go to the ut3servers list. Don't send it to 
ut3 at (mostly that'll be focused on the Linux/Mac clients 
eventually, whereas all the expert admins hang out on ut3servers).

Thank you all for your patience...the Unreal admin community has 
continued to impress me every day for many years now, and your civility 
over the last 24 hours was no exception.



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