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Sat Oct 13 18:28:40 EDT 2007

There are a number of places to give your feedback about the demo. This is
not one of them. Suffice it to say, if you don't like UT3 gameplay-wise, you
are probably not REALLY a UT fan (since 2k3 and 2k4 are not UT, that's why
UT3 is the way it is).

With that said, get this junk off this list. This is for news and updates
about the Linux builds of UT3. I don't want to keep getting spam in my
UT2004!!!!11111111oneoneonehundredandeleven" There are dozens of more
palatable places I can go to get my fix for that.


On 10/13/07, Michael Siebenborn <michael at siebenborn.net> wrote:
> > This does feel somewhat like UT99 with UT2K4+ graphics.
> In case of I make myself a complete idiot, but: What do you mean?
> > My major irritation at the moment is that my only windows machine isn't
> all
> > that hot, so I'm messing around on that while I wait for a linux
> version.
> As allready said before, strange graphics on 1.73Ghz Centrino Notebook,
> 1.5GB RAM, NV 7300
> Currently installing Windows on A64 3200, 1.5 GB RAM, NV6600 to take a
> look how smoooth it runs there...
> Cheers,
> Michael
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