[ut3] The new killer gaming app for Linux (my humble opinion)

Jeff ww at lagtest.net
Sat Oct 13 17:53:40 EDT 2007

First became addicted to UT99, Even with the controls, physics & weapon 
changes along the way I have eventually grown to love each version. The 
main thing that sticks out in my mind is the quality of each offering in 
the UT franchise. I probably will find things to complain about as well 
in this but at least so far there hasn't been a half-baked buggy release 
as some other major competing games I've tried.

Also stuck with dial-up internet so if it were not for the single player 
end I wouldn't be here waiting.
Cant wait to check out the bot AI, and eying getting a new dual core cpu.

- Jeff

AMD64 3700+ (San Diego) @ 2650MHz
2GB PC3200 2/3/3/5/T1
eVGA 7900 GS-KO
Debian Etch

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