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petter flink petterflink at mac.com
Sat Oct 13 17:21:02 EDT 2007

A long time ago when UT2k7 was a distant future there were an  
interview or someone mentioned that the plan for UEd wasto be  
released on all PC platforms - Win, Mac and Linux.
Thats the only thing I remember ever seen on the subject.

I really wish they will not only consider but actually go ahead and  
port the editor too.
And please enable the ucc compile engine as well. It will be soo nice  
to be able to compile source directly on the Mac instead of running  

TO:Crossfire dev team

13 okt 2007 kl. 22.10 skrev Michael _Lynx Sokolkov:

> Editor's for PC only. Mark rein mentioned in one of the interview that
> they were considering Linux and Mac, but I don't remember hearing any
> confirmations. And wxWidgets, my guess are used only for Kismet.

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