[ut3] not showing in the list

Katrina katrina_lefeir at tiscali.it
Thu Dec 20 13:03:23 EST 2007

On Thu, 20 Dec 2007 06:49:18 -0800
Panther <devel at strangeworld.com> wrote:

> It was mentioned somewhere that accounts should be created from the game 
> client, not on the Gamespy page.  Besides, you can use account names 
> from within UT3 that already exist on Gamespy (just not used in UT3 yet).

So, actually, there *IS* the requirement of having the official client (and
a Windows machine to run it on) to be able to offer a public, listed server.

...And since I don't have (yet) the client, and even less a Win machine, I
can safely free up 1.7GB (compressed) + 2.5GB (exploded) on my disk...

Good to know.

I start having nostalgia of quakeworld, and its hassle-free operation.

- Kate

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