[ut2004] UT2004 performance

Christian Schmidt GMSmith at gmx.net
Thu Mar 12 03:15:03 EDT 2009

> My question is why am I getting 9 fps more with alsaplayer running? I 
> would have thought I'd get less fps. Of course audio isn't working in 
> the game while I'm running alsaplayer. By default does UT2004 use alsa? 
> I see alot of references to OpenAL in the game and on the mailing list, 
> how does this relate to ALSA. Can I keep this 9 fps gain simply by 
> editing the right audio config files and using ALSA for the audio in the 
> game?

Simple: Audio takes some CPU-Cycles that can be spent on GFX. When you use alsaplayer or <insert favourite other audio-app> the sound-device is inaccessable by ut2004, hence it turns off the audio and and uses those cpu-cycles for the GFX.

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