New UT2004 DVDs have .cab files and no

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Sat Mar 1 08:49:04 EST 2008

Hi, extra quiet ut2004 list.  I miss you terribly whenever out-of- 
control whining breaks out on the ut3 list.  :)

For those still watching this place, I have owned the original 6 cd  
distribution of UT2004 since it was released, but got sick of all  
those damn cds.  So I recently gave that copy to my nephew and bought  
a shiny new DVD copy with the MegaPack already installed.  I went to  
install that on a linux box today, and wouldn't you know it, the data  
is all in Windows .cab files and there's no, so it  
appeared I was up the proverbial fecal creek.  It's noteworthy that  
this distribution is now published by Midway, Epic's current  
publisher, and there's no penguin on the box.

Googling a bit I stumbled onto (that's Loki Installers For  
Linux Gamers for the curious ;) ), and they have a beta installer  
based on cab_extract and loki_setup that seems to work on Midway's  
ECE/Megapack distribution as well as the Unreal Anthology  
distribution of UT2004.  Here's the link, for those that are interested:

Anyway, hope this helps somebody out.  Not sure much can be done on  
the official front by Ryan, but if not, this is a tolerable substitute.

Now to see if I can convince Chris Gianelloni or whoever is the  
current maintainer to see if this couldn't be used in Gentoo  
Portage.  Hehe, perhaps it'll be easier to just make an overlay; they  
still haven't gotten ET: Quake Wars into the Portage tree yet!


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