[ut2004] Tiny problem

Martin Zwickel martin.zwickel at technotrend.de
Mon May 21 04:41:01 EDT 2007

On Mon, 21 May 2007 09:19:12 +0100
psb154 at tiscali.co.uk bubbled:

> Kernel: 2.6.20-15 (Kubuntu 7.04). I also had the problem with 2.6.15.
> Did you complied 2.6.21 from source or is there a distro with that 
> version of the Kernel. I'd like to try 2.6.21 since my webcams and
> one laptop are having problems with 2.6.20. Off-topic I suppose. from source, ofcoure ;)

Anything special I enabled in my kernel:
- dynticks, CFS v11, CFQ, high res timers, preempt

compiled with gcc 4.1.2


T-1's congested due to porn traffic to the news server.

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