[ut2004] *sigh*

Robert Pollard robertmp at comcast.net
Sun Apr 8 20:21:32 EDT 2007

Sorry for the late response but I just found this.  I hope you have found 
something more positive than I have but I went the ATI route and found out 
that ATI themselves will not support Linux.  They don't even make it easy for 
someone else to write drivers.

Linux is a pain in dealing with installing stuff outside of the normal 
installers like YaST on SuSE.

I have had horrible pain in installing a software product and it's many 
non-included libraries only to find out the libraries it recommended getting 
were older than what I had.  I found this out too late.  I had a terrible 
time recovering from that.  Linux is not for the faint at heart but the 
absolute best gaming platform when compared to Windoze.  Quake 4 takes 3 
minutes to initially load on Windows and 1 minute on Linux.

Best of luck to you.  I hope you defy my negative feedback and win this bloody 
war.  :-)


On Monday 02 April 2007 4:12 pm, Ketzerei/Deafmonkey wrote:
> Well, thanks for you time. But. I'd really appreciate it if one of you cold
> either a) Give me a link to some documentation that literally spells out
> how to go about installing an ATI driver, or b) E-mailing me a full
> tutorial because I just don't seem to get it. I understand my
> thickheadedness is a pain, but I've been trying for about 2 weeks now to
> get this FREAKING GAME TO JUST WORK! Help would be verrrrrry much
> appreciated.

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