[ut2004] UT2004 and Nvidia Twinview

Alex Boag-Munroe boagenator at gmail.com
Mon Jul 17 07:48:45 EDT 2006

I'd love an answer to this too, as it bugs me as well.  Disabling twinview
to play UT2K4 is a tad annoying.

Although I suspect this is not by any means a UT issue and more an Nvidia

I also suffer with the exiting from UT2k4 problem.

On 15/07/06, Jordan Thoms <jords at shadowservices.biz> wrote:
> I have a nVidia Geforce FX 5700VE graphics card with a twinview. On nearly
> all games (ie enemy territory) if i use fullscreen and the same resolution
> as X in the game, the driver is smart and places the game on only one
> screen.
> When I had UT2004 installed about a year ago,  this worked fine. But I
> have recently installed it again, downloaded latest patches etc, and now it
> places the window with half on each screen, which is a little annoying.
> Trying to narrow down what's changed to make it not work, it seems to be:
>    - I've changed my resolution from 1280x1024 to 1024x768 since i last
>    had Ut2004 working with twinview correctly.
>    - Using the latest patch (but i'm pretty sure this happened even
>    without it, i was hoping the patch would fix it)
>    - Using the ebuilds from portage (but i've had the problem with the
>    installer on the disc too)
> It's probably unrelated, but Ut2004 also does'nt seem to be exiting right,
> I have to control-c the terminal i started it from to get it to actually
> exit.
> Any idea on how to fix it? It works in windows right, but crashes within 5
> minutes of starting on my box :<
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