[ut2004] open al lock ups

Gian Paolo Mureddu thetargos at tutopia.com
Fri Nov 11 12:01:40 EST 2005

Dean Hamstead wrote:

> my ut problems happen when sound is turned on (it ut2004.ini)
> someone mentioned openal tweaks.
> sound does work, but i gather something wierd is happening
> with the sound drivers (they are new, didnt exist in 2.6.8
> and have evolved since then)
> so if someone could offer suggestions on testing and configuring
> openal that would be great.
> cheers
> Dean

Is by any chance your card based on the "new" Intel HD chipset?? You may 
want to check ALSA's wiki page (http://alsa.opensrc.org). Alternatively, 
you may want to do have a system wide installation of OpenAL linked with 
your version of ALSA-lib, just in case and see whether that works better 
than the supplied UT OpenAL (make a backup of the one shipped with 
UT2004 first!!!!). Other than that, and checking whether anything gets 
logged to syslog or other logs in the system when the crashes present, 
or to run UT through strace to try and figure out what is causing it to 
hang, I would not know how to identify your problem.
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