[ut2004] Audio strangeness.

Gian Paolo Mureddu thetargos at tutopia.com
Sat Nov 5 11:47:23 EST 2005

Corey Hickey wrote:

>Gian Paolo Mureddu wrote:
>>I tried linking my libSDL.so.0.7.0 to System/libSDL.so.0, but when 
>>launching ut2004-bin-linux--amd64 (wrapped in the launcher script ut2004 
>>at the ut2004 root directory) I get an error that libSDL.so.0 cannot be 
>>found... Odd. I'll have to build me an OpenAL for 64-bits, since there 
>>is none in Fedora (well, maybe there is, I'll have to yum search it). 
>>Thanks again.
>1. ut2004 looks for libSDL-1.2.so.0, not libSDL.so.0. If you name your
>symlink libSDL-1.2.so.0, it should work.
>2. The ut2004 script does some stuff with LD_LIBRARY_PATH; I don't know
>if that's essential. Rather than running the amd64 executable directly,
>you should just symlink ut2004-bin-linux-amd64 to ut2004-bin. That way
>you can use the script without modification and applying patches will
>overwrite the correct file.
Thank you for your comments, Corey. I did have the SDL name wrong... 
However after correcting that, and trying to launch ut2004 (which now 
calls the ut2004-bin symlink to ut2004-bin-linux-amd64) I get an error 
that it could not load libstdc++.so.5, in my system I only have 
libstdc++.so.6... Symlinking this to libstdc++.so.5 did not work and I 
hit the brick wall, most probably I need the latest patch to solve this 
(or so I think), does the newest patch links against libstdc++.so.6, or 
do I need to install libstdc++.so.5?

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