[ut2004] installation

Gian Paolo Mureddu thetargos at tutopia.com
Sun May 29 01:04:24 EDT 2005

Zachary J. Slater wrote:

>On Sat, May 28, 2005 at 11:52:46PM -0500, Gian Paolo Mureddu wrote:
>>Can't you just install from the setup program in the CD/DVD?
>That is the problem, he doesn't understand the .run file.
Ahh!! Ok. Thing's as easy as:

1) Open CD/DVD in file manager (if your fm support executing these kind 
of files), locate linux-installer.sh and double click it... follow 
on-screen instructions. OR,
2) Open console, navigate to your CD drive (cd /mnt/cdrom, or 
/media/cdrom, or /mnt/dvd, or /media/dvd, or whatever the mount point 
is!) then just execute the following:

sh linux-installer.sh

When dealing with the multi CD installer from the CD distribution, you 
may want to execute this file outside the actual CD directory (i.e not 
cd'ed into /your/mountpoint), because it may be difficult to swap CDs 
that way, instead just execute the installer with the longer command by 
supplying the path, like so:

sh /your/mountpoint/linux-installer.sh, that will launch the 
installation process. If you want a system-wide installation, you may 
want to perform the installation as root, or you can grant your user 
write access to /usr/local/games and /usr/local/bin, that way the user 
will be able to do system-wide installations.
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