[ut2004] ECE Bonus Pack creates problems

Jules Chianelli giuliano at rogers.com
Fri Mar 18 21:35:23 EST 2005

Sorry to hear my advise couldn't solve this issue for you.
Since it is not a map  problem, it has to be a file in ECE Bonus Pack.  Try 
to download it from a different mirror and then apply the latest patch.  It 
seems like a corrupt file in the ECE is causing the problem.  It would be a 
shame if you have to do a fresh install of the game and this issue still 
arises. I would look at all the files in the ECE Bonus Pack that overwrite 
files in the /ut2004/Systems folder, its more than likely one of these is 
causing your program to shutdown.

Jules :-)
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Sent: Saturday, March 19, 2005 7:03 PM
Subject: Re: [ut2004] ECE Bonus Pack creates problems

> That's not the problem either.  If I install it straight and then play it, 
> or patch it to 3323 and then play it, or patch it to 3355 and then play 
> it, it works fine.  The problem arises after I install the ECE Bonus 
> Pack... whether I install it first then patch, patch to 3323 then install 
> it, or patch to 3355 then install it (then redo the 3355 patch to replace 
> whatever it needs to).
> -- "Ryan C. Gordon" <icculus at clutteredmind.org> wrote:
> > Unfortunately, the console didn't list anything about exporting or
> > verifying maps whilst the game loaded, and I looked in the newly
> > created log file, in the newly created config directory, and it looked
> > exactly the same as the log file I posted... no mention of any maps.
> > Maybe it's not a map problem?
> Corrupted install?
> --ryan.
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