[ut2004] ECE Bonus Pack creates problems

Martin Zwickel martin.zwickel at technotrend.de
Fri Mar 18 10:28:28 EST 2005

On Thu, 17 Mar 2005 09:58:41 -0600
"Jules Chianelli" <giuliano at rogers.com> bubbled:

> Check the UT2004.log file. If you are using Linux, it will be in your
> home  directory in a hidden folden call .ut2004.  Just click the view
> icon to  "show hidden files".  Im not too sure about windows.

For linux:

"show hidden files" view icon under linux??? I don't have one ...

A shell command should be enough:
vi ~/.ut2004/System/UT2004.log

Did you pay the new Support Fee?

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