[ut2004] Cache installer

Tony Bassette tbassette at april.org
Tue Jun 7 05:40:46 EDT 2005

	I have a old version of UTCacheManager but the last time I used
	it to cope with my cache it just erase all files in it.

	You can download the main file here ... I can find the tarball
	anymore. I'll make a new one l8r


	One more thing about this version is that it can't deal with the
	new files (.ogg for example). 

	If it works for you just let me know. (Copy your cache dir
	before using it just in case).

	I'll try to make a new version when I have time.

P.S.	The main author (a good friend of mine) has give up the devel of
	this tool, I'll try to keep it up to date.

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