[ut2004] Cache installer

Jim Grimsby jimgrimsby at direcway.com
Mon Jun 6 15:06:22 EDT 2005

You know there's a new message board out their that I've been posting 
messages on.  They have been asking a lot of questions and about video cards 
for UT2004 and Linux which I don't really know a lot about!  If some of you 
would like to lend your expertise to these conferences.  Here is the URL


Have a nice man I hope this isn't considered spam

> And back to arguing which script is "better" :)
> My script already places the files in their appropriate folders and
> leaves modfiles (.u) in place (since mods are better not installed this
> way), without a cache.ini entry the files in the cache dir are invisible
> to ut2004.
>     -Thomas
> [1]: Admitedly I only found it looking for bugs in your script and then
> finding the same in mine :)

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